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Custom Coloured Pre-finished Flooring


Why Custom Colour?

Maybe you have trouble to find the right colour matching with your interior style, or maybe saw another pre-finished product with perfect match, but the supplier only offers it in one width. These are the situations many run into particularly with the popularity of wider plank floors.

Surely you could have it done the old fashioned way by installing unfinished flooring, stain and finish. But that sometimes doesn’t get the right results. Not to mention the time and inconvenience involved.

Our flooring is finished and coated locally on demand. The flooring will only be delivered to you once the colour is correct and accepted. 

Custom Colour = Expensive?

Not at Oak Life Flooring, we offer ZERO surcharge + No minimum order

How It Works

One way: Bring your colour sample to us, we will produce a counter sample for you to sign up. 

The other way: Come to our workshop and inspect our existing colours. Pick one similar to your desired colour, then we can adjust it to a perfect match. 

Custom colouring oak wood flooring

Colour matched stair nosing and stair treads are difficult to find with major suppliers. At Oak Life Flooring, we coat oak stair treads and stair nosing with matching colour, and deliver a consistent colour theme. 

Prompt Delivery

Depending on the quantity, we usually have the order ready for delivery from 1 week to 3 weeks.